måndag 30 april 2012

Exhibition with Michaela Foltin

A Mouse in A House is happy and proud to introduce the Austrian artist

Mischa - an art experience of Austria

who will exhibit some of her paintings between the 27th of May until 24th of June.

Michaela Foltin - Mischa - born in Vienna, 15th of January 1984,lived her childhood in Burgenland.

In 1998 she won a national art contest in school and by the
the age of eighteen she started to paint landscape themes.

In 2003 she moved back to Vienna where she worked as a autonomic painter, trying a lot of motives.

In 2007 she had her first large exhibition and in 2008 she started to work in an art gallery in Vienna, which was a daughter-project of some artists from the community of „art brut Gugging“. However Mischa never really worked in the style of art brut, only the themes of her paintings turned into a brutal area. Mischa has always had a very expressive character with lots of ambivalent emotions, which she more and more put into her paintings. She painted people with extreme faces and surrealistic bodies, always in very open positions and strange situations, not very classic or decorative.

In 2008 she had an exhibition at the Art-Expo Salzburg, where some famous artists from other countries showed their work.
She had some other exhibitions in Galleries and locations, worked more special on her challenging themes. She didn´t want to please the society, she wanted to wake up people with her confrontative style.

In 2011 she finished her study at the international academy of arts in Salzburg, in the class of Hubert Scheibl.
Her formates turned bigger and she painted on canvas with the size of two or three meters.

Today she works still in her Gallery along with young national artists. She wants to open her own art centre in the year of 2014 and start an international career.

Welcome/ Marita and Mischa

fredag 27 april 2012

Ja tack......

Hej på er !

En härlig långhelg väntar och med lite tur bjuds vi på varma vårvindar och solsken. Kanske skulle man ta fram trädgårdsmöblerna och njuta av något gott grillat ? 

Fann dessa fantastiska bilder från ett beach house i Australien hos Homelife via Planete Deco, och om någon erbjuder mig att flytta dit så säger jag - JA TACK !

Må så gott !


torsdag 19 april 2012


pics via Marie Claire Maison

Pics via I-cywhites

Med dessa inspirerande bilder önskar jag er alla 
en riktigt härlig vårhelg !


torsdag 5 april 2012

Med blommor och blad

Till både min och mina kunders stora glädje finns

Anette på Blomsterboden 

nu på plats hos A Mouse in A House med vackra blomsterarrangemang, väldoft och härlig inspiration.

Varmt välkomna hälsar 

Marita och Anette / Blomsterboden